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Relaxation and holiday feeling despite Corona

Treat yourself to a bit of calm and relaxation after this rather stressful time.

Carefree relaxation thanks to our precautionary measures

It goes without saying that we are adhering to the national hygiene regulations and to the World Health Organisation’s recommendations without, however, neglecting our usual hospitality.
Our staff has been trained in accordance to these rules and will be tested regularly.
To ensure you a carefree vacation, the already high hygienic standards will be further intensified during this period. In the kitchen as well as in the service our staff will be wearing face masks and gloves. They will also disinfect their hands regularly in order to continue to be available for your wishes. Moreover, all surfaces in public areas of the hotel are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. 

Let’s reembrace normality and the joy of holiday step by step.

Our precautionary measures


  • Upon arrival we make sure to take all our guests’ temperature with a contactless device
  • Plexiglas protections increase the security for interactions between guests and staff
  • All our employees will be working with face masks
  • Objects that are likely to come into contact with many people are regularly disinfected 
  • Dispensers for disinfectants function with automatic sensors
  • All rooms are regularly cleaned and aired


  • All our employees are constantly trained and informed about new hygiene standards
  • There are precise guidelines for our housekeeping staff – a protocol ensuring a systematic and efficient cleaning of the rooms is followed
  • Antibacterial and antiviral products are used for cleaning the rooms (provisional medical appliances)
  • Rooms are aired during the cleaning process
  • After a departure the room will remain vacant for 24 hours. It will only be entered for airing, cleaning and disinfecting. 


  • The kitchen is disinfected multiple times a day in regular intervals
  • Plates, pots and pans are cleaned at high temperature in the dish washer. In the following they are put into shelves using face masks and gloves
  • Our washing machines are constantly checked for the right detergent dosage and temperature

Dining room / Bar: 

  • Our employees serve the food wearing face masks
  • Safety distances between guests and employees are maintained (for instance when ordering)
  • All rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected 
  • The fitness room will remain closed 

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